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West Virginia Lead Poisoning Lawyer

In order to reach their full potential, young children’s developing brains must receive adequate nutrition and protection from harmful chemicals. When children are exposed to destructive substances such as lead, whether through lead paint or the use of lead on dishes or other household items, they can suffer permanent harmful effects from this exposure. Children are not the only ones who may be harmed by lead poisoning. When adults are exposed to lead, whether at home or in the workplace, they can also suffer negative health effects. For more information, our lawyer expands on lead poisoning in West Virginia.

The destructive effects of lead are well known, as are laws intended to protect consumers, workers, and renters from lead exposure. Nevertheless, lead exposure occurs tragically often, causing devastating harm to individuals and families. If you or your child has been exposed to lead paint or other forms of lead in West Virginia, contact the seasoned Martinsburg personal injury lawyers at Burke, Schultz, Harman & Jenkinson for a free consultation on your claim.

What are the effects of lead poisoning?

Lead poisoning can have harmful effects on every system in the body, and recent research has shown that there is no amount of lead exposure that is safe for children. Lead poisoning in children occurs most often in homes built prior to the mid-1970s, when lead was a substance commonly found in paints and pipes. Lead can remain in the soil if lead paint was used on the home. If lead paint has been painted over rather than removed, then household members can be exposed to lead dust through remodeling projects, or if lead paint was used on high-friction surfaces such as sliding window frames or doors. Children may also encounter lead if allowed to play with older toys or items from other countries where lead is still used in paints or dyes.

  • Symptoms of lead poisoning in children can include:
  • Developmental delays and intellectual disabilities
  • Hyperactivity and attention-deficit disorders
  • Weight loss, stomach pain, or nausea
  • Irritability
  • Learning disorders
  • Hearing loss
  • Seizures

Adults who have been exposed to lead may experience symptoms such as difficulty concentrating, high blood pressure, stomach pain, effects on the reproductive system, or negative effects on a fetus in pregnant women.

Recovering damages for lead poisoning claims

Proving liability for lead poisoning can be a challenge. Children do not often exhibit the symptoms of lead poisoning until several years after they are exposed, during which time evidence of the presence of lead paint may be destroyed. If you believe that your child suffered lead poisoning as the result of exposure to lead paint in a rental home, and your family lived in multiple locations while your child was young, then pinpointing the source of lead exposure can be difficult. Succeeding on a claim for lead poisoning without experienced legal help can be extremely challenging. The West Virginia personal injury lawyers at Burke, Schultz, Harman & Jenkinson are prepared to fight aggressively on behalf of your lead paint exposure claim. Our skilled investigators and professional attorneys will leave no stone unturned in searching for the parties responsible for your or your child’s lead exposure. Our seasoned team of litigators is ready to go to trial on your claim if necessary, getting you the money damages you deserve for your devastating lead poisoning injuries.

Contact Our Martinsburg Lead Poisoning Attorneys

For aggressive, experienced, and knowledgeable help with a lead poisoning claim in West Virginia, contact the Martinsburg offices of Burke, Schultz, Harman & Jenkinson for a consultation on your case, at 304-263-0900 or 304-LAWYERS.

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