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Doctor and unhappy patient at hospital or medical clinic

How to Prove Medical Malpractice

By Burke, Schultz, Harman & Jenkinson |

Most of us are not medical experts. When we have an injury or illness, we depend on medical professionals to tell us what to do. We expect that they will conduct the appropriate tests, come up with a proper diagnosis, and suggest an effective treatment. When doctors do not act in patients’ best interests,… Read More »

African mechanical supervisor in safety mask doing inspection on plant.

How Can Construction Accidents Be Prevented?

By Burke, Schultz, Harman & Jenkinson |

Construction is a dangerous business. Construction has the highest rate of fatal workplace accidents across all industries. Every year, hundreds of thousands of construction workers are injured or killed. Many of these accidents are preventable. Below, we discuss some of the ways in which a construction company can protect its workers and prevent unnecessary… Read More »

Red warning triangle on a road with a broken down truck.

Teen Killed in Fatal Kanawha County Crash

By Burke, Schultz, Harman & Jenkinson |

Tragedy struck on a recent Wednesday when a 13-year-old girl from Sandyville died in a fatal car crash. The accident is a reminder of the added dangers of driving during the winter season, especially during the holidays. Continue reading to learn more about the crash. If you or someone you love was hurt or… Read More »


What Are Common Hazards in a Construction Site?

By Burke, Schultz, Harman & Jenkinson |

Construction is a dangerous industry. Nationally, construction has the highest rate of fatal workplace injuries in all industries. Hundreds of thousands of construction workers are injured or killed across the country every year. Below, we discuss some of the most common hazards facing construction workers in West Virginia. If you or someone you care… Read More »

California Highway Traffic. Trucks and cars on the Highway 1 are stuck because of the accident. Huge truck blocked the road both ways. American transportation theme.

Who is Liable in a Truck Accident?

By Burke, Schultz, Harman & Jenkinson |

Accidents involving tractor-trailers, semi-trailers, eighteen-wheelers, and other large trucks are more likely to be catastrophic than accidents involving passenger cars. Trucks are massive vehicles, sometimes carrying loose cargo or hazardous materials, and all of these factors can lead to a more serious crash. Truck accident claims, in turn, can be more complex than typical… Read More »

people driving car on road traffic jam with rush hour in the city

Is Lane Splitting Legal in West Virginia?

By Burke, Schultz, Harman & Jenkinson |

Riding a motorcycle carries many advantages. Motorcycles are cheaper than passenger cars, they tend to be more fuel-efficient, and they are generally better for the environment. They are also significantly more dangerous, especially when overly-aggressive motorcycle riders engage in dangerous maneuvers to beat the traffic or simply for fun. One such maneuver is known… Read More »

broken motorcycle closeup beside the car. an accident on the road in the city on a sunny day involving a motorcycle and a car.

Charles Town Woman Killed in Motorcycle-Truck Accident

By Burke, Schultz, Harman & Jenkinson |

Although West Virginians are subject to state and local shelter-in-place orders, people are still driving when necessary. And though we’d expect less traffic, the rate of traffic accidents has remained relatively steady. Recently, an unfortunate accident involving a motorcycle and a pickup truck took the life of a woman in Jefferson County. Continue reading… Read More »

Young woman driving car with protective mask on her face.  Healthcare, virus protection, allergy protection concept.

How to Avoid Being Hit by a Drunk Driver

By Burke, Schultz, Harman & Jenkinson |

Drunk driving remains one of the biggest dangers on the road today. Unfortunately, despite legislators passing harsher DUI laws and police departments establishing checkpoints, intoxicated driving persists. If you are driving in West Virginia, there are precautions you can take to help protect yourself and your family against the dangers of drunk driving. Read… Read More »

Construction Worker Accident At Work

Most Common Construction Accidents

By Burke, Schultz, Harman & Jenkinson |

Construction is one of the most dangerous industries for workers. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), over 20 percent of workplace fatalities happen in construction, representing over 1,000 deaths in 2018. Thousands more suffer serious injury each year. Below, we review some of the most common construction accidents and injuries. Contact… Read More »

Two Cars On Desk In Courtroom

Car Accident Laws You Should Know in West Virginia

By Burke, Schultz, Harman & Jenkinson |

After a car crash, it is important to know the law. Car crash victims and at-fault drivers should know their legal obligations as well as their rights and recovery options. Below, we cover some of the general laws and regulations that are important to keep in mind after a car crash. Call a dedicated… Read More »

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