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Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in West Virginia

A motorcyclist, representing how motorcycle accident attorneys in West Virginia help injured riders recover money compensation.There’s no doubt that motorcycle riders are at an increased risk of being involved in an accident and sustaining serious injuries on the road in West Virginia (WV). The Martinsburg, WV motorcycle injury attorneys at Burke, Schultz, Harman & Jenkinson have been helping victims of motorcycle accidents in the Eastern Panhandle for more than 30 years. When you need the help of motorcycle accident attorneys in West Virginia, we will work to help you obtain a settlement or verdict that properly compensates you for your injuries, expenses, and pain.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics and the Role of a West Virginia Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

According to data from the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcyclists are killed in traffic accidents at a rate 24 times higher than occupants and drivers of passenger vehicles. In West Virginia, motorcycle accident fatalities increased by 36 percent between 2019 and 2022.

Following strict safety protocols on the road is a must, but even the most careful motorcyclist is vulnerable to the negligence of other drivers. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, it’s important to seek the counsel of experienced motorcycle injury attorneys in West Virginia.

Causes of WV Motorcycle Accidents

Because motorcycles are smaller and lighter than other vehicles on the road and the rider is exposed and more vulnerable in a collision, any involvement in a traffic accident is likely to cause serious injuries or even wrongful death to the rider.

Unfortunately, the size of a motorcycle can mean that it is difficult to see. Car and truck drivers have a responsibility to be mindful of the presence of motorcycles on the road and should always check their surroundings before turning or changing lanes.

Motorcycle accidents and motorcycle injuries in WV are not always caused by negligence. Some drivers simply do not respect motorcycles and will drive aggressively or recklessly around the bikes. Others do not appreciate the limitations of a motorcycle’s handling. Aggressive, reckless, or careless driving can cause a collision or force a rider off the road or into a dangerous skid. WV motorcycle injury attorneys can help riders injured in an accident fight for the compensation they and their families deserve.

Rider Error Is One Possible Cause of WV Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riders are not always the victims. They can also be responsible for causing accidents due to careless or reckless driving. In addition, not all riders take the proper safety precautions to protect themselves on the roads. According to the 2021 NHTSA data mentioned previously, 46 percent of all motorcyclist fatalities in WV were riders who were not wearing helmets. Alcohol impairment is also a common factor in motorcycle crashes.

Bikers must protect themselves by knowing and obeying the rules of the road. Motorcycle riders are required to ride with ordinary care, just as drivers of cars and trucks are required to drive with ordinary care. The WV Motorcycle Safety Program offers courses for riders with various levels of experience who want to earn their WV motorcycle license.

Call Our Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in West Virginia

The WV Motorcycle Safety Program also works with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation to enhance public awareness of motorcycle safety and provide safety training to riders. At Burke, Schultz, Harman & Jenkinson, we encourage bikers to know the common causes of WV motorcycle accidents and always wear helmets and ride with care. We also urge car and truck drivers to always be aware of their surroundings and the likelihood of motorcycles on the road.

If you or a loved one is injured in a motorcycle accident, seeking representation from skilled WV motorcycle injury attorneys is important. Injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident can require expensive care, result in a loss of the ability to work, and even cause death. A knowledgeable attorney gives you the best chance of recovering the compensation you or your loved one needs to recover and ensures you meet West Virginia’s personal injury statute of limitations.

How to Contact Our Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in West Virginia

Burke, Schultz, Harman & Jenkinson have been leaders in West Virginia personal injury law for more than 30 years. Our WV motorcycle injury attorneys proudly serve the Eastern Panhandle counties of Berkeley, Jefferson, and Morgan, as well as the surrounding areas and Hagerstown, Maryland.

For a free consultation with one of our experienced motorcycle accident attorneys in West Virginia, call 304-263-0900 or fill out our online contact form.

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