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West Virginia Truck Accident Attorney: Practice Makes Perfect

Image of an overturned commercial large truck after an accident. Burke, Schultz, Harman & Jenkinson of Martinsburg, WV can provide an experienced West Virginia truck attorney to assess damage and liability.Your West Virginia truck accident attorney with Burke, Schultz, Harman and Jenkinson understands the complexities of trucking accidents through experience and practice. Interstate 81 cuts across the entire Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, right through Martinsburg, for a total of 26 miles across Berkeley County. As a major route through Appalachia, I-81 is a busy trucking corridor, stretching from New York at the Canadian border to Dandridge, Tennessee. Yet one of the highest concentrations of trucking accidents and fatalities is reported as the stretch of I-81 through Berkeley County, WV.

As personal injury attorneys serving the areas of Berkeley, Jefferson, and Morgan Counties in WV and the greater Hagerstown, Maryland area, the personal injury attorneys at Burke, Schultz, Harman & Jenkinson have experience investigating truck accident causes and identifying the compensable damages involved in any West Virginia truck accident case, including accident reconstruction to determine cause and liability. We will use our deep experience in truck accident cases to determine the liability of an individual truck driver or the trucking company, and fight for compensation for you.

West Virginia Truck Accident Attorney Understands Complex Causes of Truck Accidents

Partly in recognition of the heavy truck traffic on I-81, an ongoing project started in 2016 seeks to widen the interstate through the WV Panhandle to counter the high incidences of crashes. The number of tractor trailers has increased as truckers use I-81 to avoid the congestion on I-95 leading to the Capital Beltway whenever possible. In addition, truck traffic is picked up from I-70 in Hagerstown, Maryland and heads straight through Martinsburg.

A knowledgeable West Virginia truck accident attorney assesses traffic congestion and road conditions as possible causes of a WV truck accident, but there are also many others. A heavy-laden big rig requires greatly increased stopping distance and reaction time. Also, blind spots for truckers extend both directly ahead and behind the truck for several car lengths and even into the next lane or two lanes over. Trucks that have daily routes may not receive maintenance on brakes and tires that would prevent accidents. The failure to take appropriate steps to deal with weather conditions like fog, wet roads, and poor visibility can also lead to collisions.

Driver Error Is a Concern for WV Trucking Accident Attorneys

Regardless of the level of care of the automobile driver, truck driver error can cause a serious accident. Truck drivers are under enormous pressure from trucking companies to make their deliveries in as little time as possible. Under federal regulations, workdays for truckers can be up to 14 hours long with 11 hours of driving time each shift. The workweek can be seven or eight days long with no significant down time. Driver fatigue is a very real problem. To combat fatigue, truckers may take over-the-counter or illicit substances to stay awake, but often these drugs actually decrease alertness and reaction time.

A WV truck accident lawyer from our firm can also determine whether a trucker’s driving was reckless or aggressive. Both careless and malicious driving by truckers can cause accidents or force cars off the road or into collisions with other vehicles.  Our lawyers know how to properly investigate a trucking accident and determine a trucker or trucking company’s liability and damages, including obtaining and reviewing transportation logs.

A West Virginia Truck Accident Can Cause Serious Damages

Truck accidents are generally much more damaging than collisions between automobiles, often resulting in claims for serious injuries or wrongful death. Because the weight and mass of a semi are drastically greater than a personal automobile, even a relatively low-impact collision can seriously injure the occupants of a smaller, lighter vehicle. As experienced WV trucking accident attorneys, Burke, Schultz, Harman & Jenkinson can properly evaluate any long-term expenses involved as well as any property damage incurred.

Seek Experience in a WV Truck Accident Lawyer

The personal injury attorneys at Burke, Schultz, Harman & Jenkinson understand the serious nature and complexity of truck accidents. Our service to communities in Berkeley, Jefferson, and Morgan Counties in WV and Hagerstown, Maryland has provided a rich understanding of all the factors that can contribute to a truck accident, possible long-term consequences, and how to effectively win compensation for you.

For skills acquired through years of experience and an understanding of local procedure, talk to a West Virginia truck accident attorney at Burke, Schultz, Harman & Jenkinson. We understand the serious nature of truck accidents, the long-term expenses that can be involved, and how to get compensation for you. Contact our office for a free consultation or call us at 304-263-0900 (toll-free 800-903-0901).

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